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Why You Should Choose the Jethro SC490 Cell Phone

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

What is the Jethro SC490?

Jethro was founded because we saw a need that was not being met in the senior cell phone industry, a product for North Americans located in their own market. We are originally from Canada, and are currently based in Ferndale, WA, US. We started 10 years ago, and we have talked and continue talking to hundreds of customers each day to improve our services to meet consumers needs. We are excited to talk about our most recent product, the SC490 phone.

The new Jethro SC490 is a bar-style 4G cell phone made specially for seniors. This phone has an operating system that is easy to learn, and features that improve and simplify everyday life.

Before jumping into the features of this phone, we want to emphasize the biggest advantage of choosing Jethro for your cell phone needs, our local customer service team. Our customer service team is native to the US and Canada. We are available 7 days a week, from 8am-5pm ready and happy to assist you. We realize how frustrating slow customer support can be. Unlike our competitors who only provide email support, we provide support through email, phone calls, and chat for quick and easy assistance!

Our team strives to listen to customers' concerns and performs accordingly. We want to make content that is worth your time, which is why we only create videos based on your feedback. Our competitors make videos as a way to persuade seniors to buy their products, but at Jethro we focus on creating tutorials to help non-tech savvy individuals to better understand the use of our products.

Our customer service team wants only the best for you!

In addition to our service, here is a list of features that help the SC490 stand out from the rest:

  • Easy to see large high contrast screens and big fonts

  • Big buttons that are easy to press

  • A simple menu to use in as few steps as possible

  • An emergency SOS button that allows you to program up to 5 emergency contacts that will be called and texted immediately when the red button is pushed. 911 can also be added as an emergency contact.

  • Speed dial that is easily programmed and simple to use

  • Hearing aid compatibility

  • Nationwide coverage and great local support so your phone can be used almost anywhere, anytime

How the SC490 Compares to Other Senior Cell Phones

We understand that there are many senior cell phones to choose from, especially on Amazon. To help you choose, we have many other benefits that will provide you safety and happiness, making us stand out among our competitors. The SC490 and its accessories are FCC and IC certified in the US and Canada, unlike many of our Amazon competitors. These certifications make sure that you and your family are safe and protected while using our products.

We also have a great return policy. Many of our competitors might not be able to say the same. Since a lot of cell phones are manufactured and shipped overseas, it can be a challenge for the consumer to communicate and make quick and painless returns. Since our shipping is in the US, this process is almost hassle free! You won’t face any large shipping fees or wait too long for your shipping endeavors.

SC490 & Jethro Mobile Service

There is a good chance that we have the right plan for you to help complete your cell phone needs! We hope that you will consider our SC490 phone as it is the best option to pair with our plans, but we understand if you’re not ready for the switch. Many smartphones and other senior cell phones are compatible with our Jethro Mobile plans!

Our Simple Plans and Simple Plus Plans are great options for seniors. They are flexible and affordable, fitting the unique needs of everyone. Not to mention, our plans run on T-Mobile’s network, providing you speedy and reliable coverage nationwide!

These 365-day plans shown below offer some great benefits! Since it is an annual plan, you'll only have to make one payment for the whole year. This means you won't have to load your credit card information on our website, and you'll avoid paying tax fees every month! If you think the 365-day plan is right for you, please check our website for more information on these plans and many more!

If you choose Jethro Mobile for your service, you will be happily surprised with our offerings. By pairing the SC490 phone with a Jethro Mobile plan, we will have access to both your phone and your service. This means that our customer service team will be able to help you through every step of set-up or any troubleshooting that you may encounter. If you choose this pairing, you will also receive your phone with the SIM card pre-installed and a simple call is all you’ll need to do to activate it! You also have the option to keep your existing number, or get a new one. We can port your landline number or wireless number.

Any questions?

Call us- 1.888.509.6199

Email us-

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Ben Davis
Ben Davis
16 ธ.ค. 2565

In my opinion there is a major design flaw with the SC490. I am an electrical engineer with an autistic brother. I purchased this phone for one major reason. The charging cradle is a great idea to avoid the difficulty for seniors to connect the charging wire to the very small micro USB charging port. HOWEVER, the charging cradle should be HARD WIRED. My autistic brother absolutely destroys the USB port and cable attempting to match the connections. The micro USB by itself is a flawed standard. Very difficult to use and ultra flimsy design. USB-C is an improvement but still not perfect for seniors or those like my brother that are just brutes when it comes to handling fragile…

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