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Jethro 4G Bar Style SC490

Get the Jethro SC490 simple senior cell phone and any accessories you may need to keep things simple. This option is for the SC490 without a plan, so you can use your own service provider if you want or decide on a Jethro Mobile plan later. Keep in mind all of our phones come with our Jethro Mobile SIM card in case you want to try our service. Check out our bundles for affordable phone and service deals!


Jethro 4G SC490

Simple Senior Cell Phone

  • Big screen & large buttons that make seeing, reading, and dialing simple.

  • Hearing aid compatibility that keeps voices clear and a loud speaker that makes all calls easy to hear.

  • An SOS button that keeps you safe in case of emergencies.

  • Speed-dials and a speaking keypad that makes navigation and calling easy.

Explore Accessories for SC490

Pair the Jethro SC490 with everything you need to keep things simple. From protective carrying cases to convenient charging docks, you can find everything you need here.

Jethro SC490 Charging Dock


Untitled design (40).png
Jethro SC490 SIM Card Adapter


Jethro Case (1) copy.png
Jethro SC490 Faux Leather Case


Jethro SC490 Logo Lanyard


SC490 (23).png
Jethro SC490 Battery 


Untitled design (2).png
Jethro SC490 12" X 8" Size User Manual


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