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Reach out to us via phone, chat, or email. We are here to help in any way we can. Call us for support or to leave suggestions. We will address all questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Welcome to Jethro Support

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Jethro tutorial videos are available!

Helpful tutorials and tips can be found on our YouTube channel. We take commonly asked questions and commonly used features and make videos to help make setting up your new phone simple. Learn all there is to know about your new phone with these step-by-step tutorials.

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Select Your Product

Jethro Phone

Find product specifications, user manual, step-by-step tutorial videos, and frequently asked questions.

Jethro Mobile

Find out more information on Jethro Mobile service, SIM card sizes, activating your service, and porting an existing number.

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Jethro Warranty

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience problems of any kind with your phone, please contact us and we will resolve them as quickly as possible. Simply contact us and we will make sure your phone works as it should.

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Tell Us How We Can Help

We are here to help with any phone or service needs. Live agent, local, and friendly customer support is available Monday through Sunday 7 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Call us at our toll-free number: 888.509.6199. We are also available by email and chat. Email us at

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