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Jethro Mobile SIM Card Support

Jethro Phones will use the largest size SIM card which is called the Mini or Standard size. You can also use the Jethro SIM card as an adaptor for a smaller-sized SIM card because it is 3 in 1 with multiple frames. If this SIM card is not already inserted into your Jethro phone, you will need to pop it out of the card seen above and insert it into the back of your phone, underneath the battery.


SIM Card Information

The SIM card can be inserted into your phone before or after activation. However, please do not throw away the card where the SIM card was removed because it has the SIM card number on it which you will need for activation.

Ready to Activate?

Get a New Number

  1. Make sure you have your SIM card ready.

  2. Most SIM cards activate quickly but it can take up to 24 hours.

  3. Your area code will be assigned based on the zip code you provide when entering your service address.

  4. All new phone numbers will be randomly generated from Jethro Mobile. banners (1796 × 650 px).png

Porting an Existing number

  1. You will need some information from your current service provider including the account number, pin number, name on the account, and no port protection on the phone number. Learn more from our blog on this topic.

  2. Porting a number takes more time than a new activation and depends on how quickly your service provider releases the phone number.

  3. Making sure all the information from your previous carrier matches the information you give Jethro will make the port complete faster.


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