Jethro SC490 Tutorials

Do you need help with Jethro SC490 senior cell phone? Do you want to know more about how this cell phone for seniors will work? Watch the videos below and find out more.


Jethro SC490 - Phonebook Tutorial

How to access, use, and add new contacts to the phonebook on the new 4G Jethro SC490 cell phone.

Jethro SC490 - SOS Button Tutorial

How to set up and use the emergency SOS button feature on the new 4G SC490 Jethro phone. This feature can come into handy in case of emergencies.

Jethro SC490 Voicemail Tutorial

How to configure voicemail on the Jethro senior cell phone, model SC490.

Jethro SC490 - Speed-dials Tutorial

How to set up and use the speed-dial direct call button on Jethro’s new 4G SC490 cell phone for seniors. This feature is great for calling important contacts easily.

Jethro SC490 - Text Message Tutorial

How to send and receive text messages on Jethro’s new 4G mobile phone. This video will also show you how to use the automated text feature for easy texting.

Jethro SC490 - Restore Factory Tutorial

How to factory reset Jethro’s new 4G SC490 phone. A factory reset removes all user data from your phone and reverts it back to default settings.

Jethro SC490 - WIFI Calling Tutorial

How to turn on the WiFi on Jethro’s SC490 phone. This can be a helpful feature for WiFi calling, using less data, and for areas with a poor service connection. Watch this video to learn more!

Jethro SC490 - Keypad Lock Tutorial

A quick and easy tutorial demonstrating how to enable and disable keypad lock on Jethro’s SC490 phone. This tutorial will also show you how to unlock your keypad after you have enabled the feature.

Jethro SC490 - Photo Dial and Add Contacts Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to add contacts and use photo dial for the Jethro SC490. Learn how to easily add new contacts and navigate the photo dial feature.

Jethro SC490 - Firmware Update Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to download the Jethro SC490 firmware update. This update will allow your Jethro SC490 to operate to the best of its ability. Some key updates are the texting and typing format, disabling the location feature, and updating the photo dial. 

Jethro SC490 - APN Settings Tutorial

Jethro SC490 - Insert SIM Card Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to navigate the APN settings for the Jethro SC490. APN, an acronym that stands for Access Point Names, is a liaison between your mobile carrier and the web. Therefore, APNs are reliant on your service provider.

How to insert your new prepaid SIM card into your 4G Jethro SC490 senior cell phone. We have a variety of prepaid cell phone plans at affordable costs.

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