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Jethro SC490 Charging Dock

Chargers and Docks

For Jethro 4G Phone Model: SC490

Convenient charging docks to make charging your Jethro phone simple. No more fiddling with the cord and trying to plug in your phone.


Simply set your phone into the charger, and it will begin to charge. Great for those with limited hand mobility or people who just want the convenience of a simple charging dock. One time set up and you never have to worry about a difficult-to-handle cord.

Dock connects to a wall outlet via a Micro-USB to USB Type A cord, and a USB wall charger block, both included in your purchase.

Chargers and Docks for Jethro 2G/3G Models

Charge your phone conveniently by simply dropping it into the dock. No more cables, no more hassle.



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