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Why You Need to Buy Your Holiday Gifts Early This Year

By: Jessica Williams, Marketing Specialist, November 18th, 2021

It is already the middle of November and the holidays are just around the corner! While it may seem early to some, now is the time to start shopping if you want your gifts delivered in time this year. If you wait too long, you will be giving your loved ones an IOU, as experts say consumers will be facing shortages, longer delivery times, and higher prices this coming holiday season.

Start your shopping with Jethro Mobile! Jethro is fully in stock and ready to get your order in time for the holidays if you order soon. Jethro Mobile provides affordable, reliable, and simple phones and plans for your parents, kids, or loved ones. Give the gift or reliable communication during the time where staying connected with family matters the most.

How the Supply Chain Issues Will Affect Your Holiday Shopping

There have been a range of supply chain issues that have severely impacted shipping times, prices, and shortages. There is a higher demand for goods from consumers that suppliers are unable to meet due to shortages in labor, shipping delays, and more. This increase in demand has led to the increase in price for consumers, with overseas shipping rates between the United States and Asia jumping 500 percent compared to last year.

"When the world's manufacturers came back online, there was a surge in products that

were ordered and just a finite amount of capacity of ships, of trucks, of warehouses, and

the infrastructure that exists can't handle the volume," Craig Fuller, CEO of


In a survey of retail executives conducted by the professional services firm KPMG,

82% of respondents said that they were somewhat or very concerned about inventory

shortages this year.

This is why some companies have even resorted to chartering private cargo vessels

and buying their own shipping containers to get overseas goods fast right before the

busy holiday season. Big companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, Ikea, and Target

are able to do this to try to avoid delays and additional stops at backed up ports, but

there is no guarantee.

Many customers have already felt the effects of these supply chain issues. According to

a survey from Morning Consult, nearly half of the early shoppers who responded said

that they've already encountered issues with an item being back-ordered, delayed, or

out of stock.

But demand is not slowing down, and sales are expected to continue to grow as we get

closer to the holidays. That is why you need to start your shopping today! If you wait, your gift of choice might be out of stock or won’t be delivered in time.

What You Can Do to Get Your Gifts on Time

Start your shopping now... like right now! It may seem early, but we can’t stress this

enough. Shipping will take longer than normal this year and the longer you wait the

more expensive shipping will be as well.

Here are some date guidelines to help you with planning your holiday shopping, but you

will want to leave yourself a considerable delivery cushion as these shipping times are

not guaranteed.

Holiday Shipping Guide:


●Dec. 15: Last day to ship using ground service

●Dec. 17: Last day to ship via First-Class Mail

●Dec. 18: Last day to ship via Priority Mail

●Dec. 23: Last day to ship via Priority Mail Express


●Dec. 21: Last day to ship via UPS Three-Day Select

●Dec. 22: Last Day to ship via UPS Second-Day Air

●Dec. 23: Last Day to ship via UPS Next Day Air


●Dec. 9: Last day to ship via FedEx Ground Economy

●Dec. 15: Last day to ship via FedEx Ground Contiguous US, Freight Priority, and Freight Express ●Dec. 21: Last day to ship via FedEx Express Saver or Three-Day Freight ●Dec. 22: Last day to ship via FedEx Two-Day, Two-Day A.M., Two-Day Freight, or Two-Day ●Dec. 23: Last day for FedEx One-Day Freight

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