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What Does What on My SC490?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

By: Keegan Mathias, Marketing Specialist, November 7th, 2021

Now that you understand the navigation keys, we can start to get into the

features of your phone. This will be what you see after you press the menu

button on your phone while on the home screen. You can scroll left or right

through these, but for this, we’re going to take them from left to right.


This is where you will store and find all your phones contacts, saved to the

SIM or the phone itself. You can also edit speed dial and assign contacts to

speed dial numbers here.

To navigate this app, follow these steps:

Upon selecting OK, you will enter the Menu

  • You will see all your contacts immediately, and are able to scroll up and down through them to select the one you wish using the OK key

Contact settings will be found by pressing the MENU Key in the initial

Contacts menu. These settings include:

  • Create new contact

  • Delete All

  • Speed Dial Settings:

Settings (Allows access to the following settings)

  1. Info

  2. Default account

  3. Phonetic Name

  4. Import

  5. Export


This app will be where you send and receive texts, MMS and other messages. You will be able to see your old conversations here and start new ones as well. To use this feature, try out these steps:

Scrolling up and down will allow you to see and select conversations you have had

Selecting Option via MENU will bring up the following menu:

  • New Message

  • Search

  • Delete all

  • Delete

  • Settings

  • Configuration

  • Broadcasts

  • Voice mail

Photo Dial

If speed dial is a bit complicated, you can have nine contacts that show up with their contact picture show up in this app, helping make it easier to see your friends and family and make sure you’re calling the right person. To navigate photo dial first select OK, you will then see your first Photo Dial contact. To scroll through all eight, use the left and right arrow keys on either side of the OK button.

  • To select a contact, press MENU when they are on the screen, then use VOL- and the side arrows to choose whether you wish to text or call your contact. The selected option will be Orange. To go back, press SPKR.

  • Selecting MENU will allow them to be removed from the Photo Dial list. If there is no contact selected, MENU will allow you to assign one to this position.

Call History

If you’ve missed a call, you’ll want to enter the call history menu. This will allow you to see all your calls and missed calls. To see missed calls, scroll right with the side arrow.

Pressing MENU will give you the option to:

  • Call

  • Create contact from call

  • Add to an existing contact

  • Message

  • Block

  • See details of the call

  • Delete from record

  • Delete all calls

  • Settings


This is where all your media will be stored, and where you can access it. Clicking OK will give access to the following folders:

  • Pictures:

Selecting the folder, you wish to see will let you select pictures

  • Videos

Selecting the folder, you wish to see will let you watch your videos

  • Music

Access the music saved to your device

  • FM Radio

To access FM Radio, please connect headphones to your SC490, then select

“allow” when prompted about recording audio, and you will be able to listen

to the radio with your SC490


In this app you can navigate several functions your phone comes with to help you out in everyday ways. This menu contains the following functions:

  • Calculator

Need to do some quick calculations? This is where you need to go.

  • Alarm

Press the MENU button to access the options to add or delete alarms.

  • Calendar

Pressing MENU will allow you to enter a new event or view an already entered one.

  • Timer

An easy timer function.

  • Stopwatch

Need to time something? This is the function for that.

  • World clock

Have family across the world? Keep in touch of what time they’re at here.

  • File manager

Manage your storage space in this function.


Need SOS on or off? Or do you need to choose what the SOS feature sends and who gets that message? This where you can do that.

  • Enable or disable SOS feature

  • Enable low battery notifications

  • Edit SOS message

  • Add or remove numbers from SOS contact last


Looking to save some moments on video or take pictures of what you want to save? This is where you can capture those memories. To do this, you’ll want to try out these steps:

  • Press OK to take a photo

  • VOL+ and VOL- will adjust exposure

  • <,> will adjust Zoom

  • Pressing MENU will allow you to change mode to video

  • In the options you can change mode and enable a timer


Need to customize your phone? This is where you can change some functions, adjust settings, and get your SC490 working how you need it.

  • Network & Internet

Enable and connect to a Wi-Fi network

Check data usage

Turn on or off airplane mode

Mobile network will allow access to APN settings:

APN will allow for fixes to many issues

  • Connected devices

Turn off or on Bluetooth here

USB mode

  • Apps & notifications

See recently used apps

Turn on or off app notifications

Check app permissions

  • Battery

Check battery percentage

Turn on power saving features

Turn on battery percentage display

  • Display

Adjust brightness

Adjust menu style

Adjust sleep timer

Adjust screen display size

  • Sound

Adjust volume of the following features:

  1. Media

  2. Alarm

  3. Ring

Enable speakerphone

Turn on call vibration

Adjust do not disturb preferences

Adjust ringtone and notification songs


  1. Dial pad tones

  2. Dial number voice

  3. Incoming calls

  4. Sound enhancement (bass boosting)

  • Storage

Check storage usage

  • Security

Turn on screen lock: Can be done with Key or with PIN to be entered

Turn on show passwords

  • System

Change language or keyboard options

Adjust date (automatically set to your time zone)

Reset functions

About phone will allow you to update SC490

Have any more questions?

Reach us here:

Call us- 1.888.509.6199

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