SC330v3: The New Age Flip

By: Spencer Mann - Marketing Specialist, November 28, 2019

Jethro Shop is releasing our newest flip phone model, the SC330 v3. The new release from Jethro has significant improvements from the previous model. We listened to our customers and made appropriate changes to make the SC330 v3 our most user friendly flip phone model to date. Changes ranged from the design of the phone, to the functionality, to the compatibility. Here are some of the most notable aspects of the SC330 v3:

1. Battery life: the SC330 v3 has a 25% increase in battery life compared to the previous model (the SC330 v2).

2. Bandwidth capacity: the bandwidth capacity of our new phone has been expanded to be compatible in South America, Europe, and Australia.

3. Enhanced volume: the volume of the new model has been largely enhanced and is much easier to hear than our previous model.

4. Direct call / speed dial: the M1 and M2 buttons on the SC330 make direct calls easier than ever, and speed dial can be set up as well to make quick calling even easier.

5. SOS alert button: the SC330 v3 is equipped with a large SOS button on the back that when held down immediately contacts a list of pre-set people in your contacts.

The SC330 v3 is the newest phone Jethro has added to its lineup and it’s coming just in time for the holiday season. And the best part; despite all of the upgrades added to the SC330 v3 it has the same price point as the v2. If you have an interest in learning more please visit our website at and check out all of our phone models.



Established in Canada in 2012, Jethro is a US-based company now that specializes in selling wireless technologies that will enhance the lives of seniors and other challenged consumers.  We recognize the increased desire of seniors to enhance their later years using new easy-to-use more


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  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids