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How to Setup APN Settings for Jethro Mobile

You may be asking yourself some questions like:

  • I just got my Jethro Mobile plan and am having some data issues. My phone says mobile networks are not available.

  • I can make calls but cannot access data.

  • I can’t receive picture messages via text message from my grandkids even though I can receive text messages.

  • My internet connection is really slow.

What is wrong?

If you are having some issues with using the internet or messages aren’t coming or sending, you may have the wrong APN settings and need to change them. No worries! It is quite simple to fix.

Another issue you may run into is that you chose a Simple or Starter plan which does not come with data. In order to receive picture messages, data is needed to download the photos. You can easily upgrade your plan to one of our Simple Plus plans. With these plans, you'll have data to be able to send and receive picture messages and group texts too!

What is APN?

First of all, what APN stands for is Access Point Name. It is the pathway to connect your device to data that can be changed in your settings. Mobile carrier networks have varying APN’s, so that is why switching to a different carrier sometimes means changing your APN settings. Without the correct APN settings, you will not be able to use the internet, send or receive group messages, nor send or receive picture messages, so we want to make sure your APN settings are correct for a smooth data connection.

Why is My APN Not Working?

Your phone has pre-configured APN settings. When you purchase a phone directly from a carrier, they are usually automatically set to the mobile carrier of that purchase. With newer unlocked phones, APN’s can be detected automatically. When it comes to older phones though, you tend to have to set up APN settings manually and when you travel and use a different SIM card, like Jethro Mobile, the settings may not be set yet for that carrier. This issue is especially common for Android devices needing APNs to be set up manually.

Luckily, the process to set it up correctly is not difficult and can be done in minutes.

You may wonder, what network does Jethro Mobile use? We use T-Mobile, but as an independent service provider we do have our own APN setting. Due to this, even if you do have T-Mobile set up on your phone, you will have to change your APN settings if your phone has not automatically detected the network change.

Another solution to your APN not being setup is purchasing and using Jethro’s 4G SC490. With a simple and senior friendly design with safety features, it is a great choice for seniors and comes equipped with Jethro’s APN settings.

Where is APN Settings?

APN settings can be found in the settings on your device. Depending on your phone, the process is different depending on what you click to get there, but usually it has to do with the connections, data, and cellular sections of your settings.

Changing to Jethro’s APN Settings

Now let’s get into setting up the correct settings for data connection using Jethro Mobile’s network. The setup can look different depending on your device, so I have put together a simplified step by step for Android phones and Apple phones. Here are Jethro Mobile APN settings.

How to change APN settings on Android:

Step 1 - Go to settings

Step 2 - Select ‘Connections’

Step 3 - Select ‘Mobile Networks’

Step 4 - Select ‘Access Point Names’

Step 5 - Select ‘Add’

Step 6 - Select ‘Name’ and type “Jethro”

Step 7 - Select ‘APN’ and type “wholesale”

Step 8 - Select ‘MMSC’ and type “

Step 9 - Select the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner

Step 10 - Select ‘Save’

Step 11 - Select ‘Jethro’

Step 12 - Restart your device for your APN settings to reset

You are now ready to go!

For a visual aid, we have a video showing these steps.

How to change APN settings for iPhone:

Step 1 - Go to settings

Step 2 - Select ‘Cellular’

Step 3 - Select your Cellular Plan

Step 4 - Select ‘Cellular Data Network’ which you can find under ‘Carrier’

Step 5 - Under ‘Cellular Data’ you’ll find ‘APN’ and type “Jethro”

Step 6 - Go down to ‘APN’ under ‘LTE Setup’ and type “wholesale”

Step 7 - Go down to ‘APN’ under ‘MMS’ and type “wholesale”

Step 8 - Go down to ‘MMSC’ under ‘MMS’ and type “

You are now ready to go!

For a visual aid, we have a video showing these steps.


I set up the APN but my problem is not fixed.

No worries! Here are some tips to help you in this process.

1. Did you select the APN after you set it up?

2. Did you restart the phone after the correct APN was selected?

3. Did you type everything correctly? Please double-check Step 8 and ensure the entire, identical link was written. No www after HTTP://

(Step 8 - Select ‘MMSC’ and type “”)

If you did everything correctly but it still doesn't work, let us help assist you, as it could be related to other issues. Please contact our North America based customer service at 1.877.553.8476. We are open 7 days a week including holidays.

After Getting Connected

Now that you have fixed your APN settings, you should be all set and have a solid and seamless connection. I hope this was helpful and now you can get back to browsing the internet and those family group chats!

Have any more questions?

Reach us here:

Call us- 1.888.509.6199

Email us-

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