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How International Calling Works from the US

Updated: Feb 22

Written By: Duy Nguyen, Marketing Intern

Revised By: Carlo Lapuz, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Staying connected with friends and loved ones overseas seems like a complicated task. With so many steps that one has to go through to make an international call, it can get complicated.  However, we are here to make international calling a little easier for you. Our guide will go over the steps to make an international call, tips for staying connected with loved ones, and the best Jethro Mobile plan for international calling.

What Is International Calling?

International calling is the process of making a phone call between two different countries. Different from domestic phone calls, an international call uses international telecommunication networks. This usually comes with a large fee, but with Jethro Mobile’s unlimited plans, international calling is free.

How to Dial an International Number from the US

Making an international call can seem complicated, but this step-by-step guide will help make international calling an easy and stress-free experience.

  1. Check your phone carrier's international calling plan: Different phone carriers have different plans and policies when it comes to international calling. Check your with your carrier if they charge any fees for international calls and if they offer unlimited minutes or limited minutes. Do you have an unlimited plan from Jethro Mobile? All of our unlimited plans include free unlimited international calling to 80+ countries. Check out our website for area codes and calling minutes.

  2. Find your call destination: The first step of making a phone call is to know where you are calling. Knowing the destination of your phone call allows you to check if the destination is a location that is covered by your phone carrier.

  3. Find the country code: One of the most important parts of international calling is knowing the country calling code of the destination your are calling. Knowing this code allows for a more simple calling experience. Don’t know your code? Check our website to find your country calling code.

  4. How to dial: Now that you know the area code, it's time to figure out how to dial your international destinations. To call Canada: Simply dial "1" + "area code" + "phone number" To call other destinations: Simply dial "011" + "area code" + "phone number"

Some issues you may encounter with International Calling

If you have dialed the correct number but you are unable to connect here are some common issues with making international calls and how to overcome them.

  • Insufficient funds: Make sure you have enough unlimited calling minutes in your account. While calling to some countries is unlimited, it may not be for other countries.

  • Your caller ID is blocked: If you have caller ID setting turned off on your phone, try turning it back on then make an international call. The reason for this is very technical but basically your phone number is needed to verify your account to make international calls.

If you continue to experience issues calling internationally with Jethro Mobile, please reach out to us and we are happy to help!

Tips To Staying Connected With Your Loved Ones

With busy lives, staying connected with friends and loved ones can be difficult at times, even harder when your loved ones are in international locations. We have some helpful tips that will make it easier to stay connected with your loved ones.

  • Schedule your calls: This way you keep track of staying connected with your loved ones. This is even more important when it comes to international calling. With different time zones, you want to make sure that you're calling a good time, and not in the middle of the night. Schedule your calls beforehand to ensure that you can stay connected with your loved ones.

  • Reach Out: Reaching out to someone can feel weird at times, mostly when you haven’t talked to them in a while. Reaching out to someone can be hard, but reaching out can help them stay connected with them.

  • Send video & text: Even though nothing is like a phone call that allows you to hear someone's voice. A quick photo or text can help you feel like you're a part of your loved ones' moments. These quick texts can help you stay connected during busy times.

Jethro Mobile Phone Plan With International Calling

Jethro Mobile offers different phone plans to meet everyone's needs. All of the plans below come with free, unlimited international calling to 80+ countries.

  • Simple Plan: Our Simple Plan offers Unlimited talk and text only, for those who do not need data. They start as low as $8.34/month.

  • Simple Plus Plan: Our simple plan offers unlimited talk & text with enough data to send picture messages but not unlimited.

  • Smartphone Plan: Our smartphone plan offers unlimited talk & text with heavy data options.

Jethro Mobile Plan Chart with International Calling
Jethro Mobile Plans wih International Calling Chart

All plans include, no contract, nationwide coverage, reliable seven-day-a-week customer service, and select plans to offer mobile hotspots.

We hope that our guide gives you a better understanding of the process of international calling, and will help you have a better international calling experience. With years of experience in the mobile service industry, you can rely on Jethro Mobile for reliable phone service that allows you to stay connected with loved ones from all around the world.

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