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How to Install the New Update for the Jethro SC490

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

By: Ben Hodson, Marketing Specialist, June 22, 2021

Here at Jethro Mobile, we make customer satisfaction a top priority. We have established ourselves as one of the most affordable cell phone companies that provide simple, easy-to-use phones that are compatible with senior citizens’ abilities. Accordingly, we consistently seek user feedback to identify the areas in which we can improve our products and service plans. Lately, we’ve been receiving many customer phone calls and emails regarding a few key features that stood out to us as needing further development. Due to these common-denominator inquiries, we have since crafted a firmware update to help mitigate the inefficiencies pertaining to these features.

Here are some of the main upgrades:

Texting & Typing

Jethro cellphones are simple, meaning that they do not incorporate smartphone features such as gaming apps or browsing capabilities. Most of our customers who are of the senior demographic don’t have much use for such amenities. However, crafting a simple-to-use typing interface is extremely vital when it comes to entering contact information, texting, or connecting to WiFi when a password is required.

Given that our current model doesn’t have a slide out keyboard, prior to our update customers were required to hit each button multiple times to see their desired letter or number. This method makes for a much more laborious, time consuming typing process that can also be confusing for elderly users. At the same time, we pride our models in not including a slide out feature because that would add another layer of potential complexity to the product.

With this latest update, users can now see the letters and numbers corresponding to each button at the bottom of the screen when presented with a typing situation. They simply need to press the button containing the displayed symbols they desire, and use the left and right arrows to choose between them.


Our new firmware update also comes with an added security benefit. Prior to our update, users were stating that they were receiving messages asking if they’d like to enable location service. This feature can potentially breach privacy if personal customer information is sent outside of the company. With this latest addition of firmware, we have officially disabled location and GPS services to preserve the privacy of our users. We’ve additionally removed the automated message so customers aren’t even presented with the option to forego their privacy.

Photo Dial

In addition, our customers consistently reported issues regarding the photo dial feature for better identification of their contacts. The predominant issue pertained to the contacts’ visual display. Most users claimed they could only see a blue or black silhouette outlining the photo, and some also stated that they couldn’t save their desired photos.

Thanks to the expertise of our tech team, we have sufficiently resolved this issue through our firmware update. Now, users can easily upload high quality photos that effectively identify any contacts of their choosing.

Enabling the Update

In order to be able to see the available updates, you will first need to enable WiFi. If you are unsure how to do this, see the video tutorial below:

Now for the update:

1) Press the Menu Button

2) Use the arrows to scroll to Settings, then press ok

3) Scroll down to System (9)

4) Scroll to About Phone (4th icon down)

5) Press Updater or System Update - this will depend on the current update your phone has

6) You will now see the new version available

7) Use the down arrow to navigate to the Download button

8) Once it is highlighted, press ok

9) You can now choose to install now or later

10) Make sure to select Install now and then allow the phone to restart on its own.

11) Do not interfere with the phone while the update is installing or restarting

12. When the phone turns back on, your phone will be ready to go!

We will soon be uploading a video detailing these exact steps. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date!

Thanks for reading today’s blog!

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