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How Do I Use My Jethro SC490?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

By: Keegan Mathias, Marketing Specialist, October 31st, 2021

If you have just received you Jethro SC490, you might be confused on how to operate it. Do not worry, we're going to go over all of the functions and steps to understand all the features of your new phone. To start off, you're going to need to understand how to use the navigation buttons.


This button serves several functions. When pressed from the home screen, it will take you into the menu navigation, where you can find the functions below.

  • Contacts

  • Messaging

  • Photo Dial

  • Call History

  • Multimedia

  • Tools

  • SOS

  • Camera

  • Settings

If you are not on the home screen, the MENU button will function as an option to select OK or Option. This can be done with the text on screen directly above the button.


This is the volume up control, or when you are in a menu setting this is the scroll up function.


This is the volume down control, or when you are in a menu setting this is the scroll down function.


This is the primary select button on the phone. Using this will allow whatever selection is highlighted on screen to be clicked on.


The scroll left function of the phone.


The scroll right key for the phone.


This button will select the contacts menu function if the home screen is open. If there is another screen being used, the SPKR key will work as the back button on the phone.

Alternatively, if on a call, holding this button will turn on speakerphone mode.

Green Phone

This is the pick-up or answer button for your SC490.

Red Phone/Power

The hang up or do not accept call button of your SC490. Pressing and holding this button will also allow you to turn on and off your SC490.

Numbers and Characters

The number keys are important too. They are how you can access voicemail and speed dial, to better understand them, read below:


Pressing and holding this key will bring you to the voicemail of the phone. This is the automatic 1st speed dial of the phone.


Pressing and holding these keys will speed dial the corresponding speed dial contact.


The unlock key for your SC490, if you have enabled screen lock.


The 0 number key, and when help down this will function as the flashlight on and off control.

# + Vibrate

Holding this key will all for vibrate mode to be turned on.

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