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Don’t Worry, 4G is Not Going Anywhere

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

By: Cassidy Cloward, Marketing Specialist, Feb 2, 2022

Have you heard about 5G?

5G is the latest in a long line of innovations in wireless technology, starting all the way back in 1979 with the first-ever telegraph. In 2001, we saw the introduction of 3G technology hit the markets, which included things like SMS and global roaming. Although, wireless networks didn’t take off until the introduction of 4G around 2009. As technology has grown, the speed of networks has significantly increased. With the introduction of 5G in 2019, we are seeing speeds like never before. 5G speeds in some major cities are reaching near-gigabyte levels, using higher frequency radio bands than any previous generation.

What Does that Mean for Me?

With such high success of the 4G technology, we saw a phase-out of all 3G phones. Many people are concerned about the phasing out of the 4G network and the potential hazards of the new 5G network. 4G still dominates in small towns and rural areas, where 5G is relatively non-existent. 5G is starting to gain a foothold in many larger American cities, and speeds are showing to be slightly faster than 4G, but we are also still seeing progress with 4G speeds.

Don't Worry, Your 4G Phone Will Work for Much Longer

We are here to tell you that 4G won’t be phasing out anytime soon. So many cell phone providers have spent years building the 4G infrastructure, making 4G available all around the world. The 5G network has nowhere near the level of coverage that 4G does, and it is predicted that 4G will only continue to grow, resulting in faster speeds across the board. It is important to note that 4G and 5G will be working together in the coming years, providing speedy service globally.

How We Can Help

If you are only interested in 4G for now, Jethro is the place for you. We at Jethro are proud to provide easy-to-use and affordable 4G phones. We care about the quality of life of our senior citizens, which is why we have created the perfect phone with simple yet effective technology. You won’t have to worry about 5G taking over, 4G is here to stay for a while, providing you with the best coverage and access all around the world.

More About Jethro Phones

The Jethro SC490 runs on 4G networks, allowing you to stay connected on the fastest network with friends and family all around the world. There are many benefits to be experienced from choosing the Jethro SC490 including:

  • Hearing aid compatibility and a loudspeaker

  • Speed dial and an emergency SOS button that will allow you to program 5 different emergency contacts

  • Quick access camera, flashlight, and FM Radio

  • Convenient charging dock and a long-lasting battery

Jethro’s goal is to provide each customer with quality service and to take away the complexities of large providers and the 5G network. We want to keep you happy and connected with your loved ones in a simple and affordable fashion.

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