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5 Things to do While in Quarantine

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

By: Marisa Castillo - Marketing Specialist, Mar 27, 2020

During a global pandemic, we are all at some scale, a little bit fearful, tired, out of work (or working from home) and stuck inside. While there are many worrisome activities that the world encourages us to participate in, I want to encourage you to take a deep breath and take a step back from the influence of others. With the circumstances constantly changing around us, it is important not to let times of uncertainty get in the way of a productive day. We are all in this together! With that, join me as I share a shortlist of things you can do to be more in touch with your health and well-being while social distancing or in a lock-down situation

1. Get some fresh air

Besides the fact that the beautiful blooming’s of spring are taking place right outside our window, fresh air is fuel for the brain and your lungs. Open a few windows or go outside! If you have a pet, take it for a walk, walk around your neighborhood, maybe take a hike or look up at the sky. Fresh air is not only refreshing to our bodies, but it energizes us, helps our blood flow circulate while we move, encourages us to feel more awake and even makes you feel happy. With all the sadness and hard times going on in the news and throughout our lives, you deserve to smile and feel at peace. So whatever fresh air looks like for you, make it a goal to receive some of it today.

2. Cook up some homemade meals

Most of us are not used to having so much free time on our hands, and what better aroma to have in your home than one of a yummy meal that YOU made? Take that saved Pinterest meal idea, YouTube cooking class, or a family member's special recipe and make some magic happen in your kitchen!

2. Pick up a book

Binge-watching your favorite tv shows are great, but what happens when you run out of episodes to view. We all have a good read that we never have time to get back to or have other assignments and work to do that we forget to finish that chapter that just started getting good. Reading is great for keeping an active brain, improving our positive energy and lowering stress. So, don’t wait to pick up that title that you have been too busy for, turn off the television, and allow your senses to bring that story to life.

There are a lot of resources that you use for reading, audible is a great source for those who would rather listen to the text or have audio to follow along as you read. If you are an Amazon Prime member, there is a list of eBooks that are available to you free of charge through the kindle app on your phone! For podcast lovers, there are thousands of different podcasts waiting to be found and listened to by you.

4. Grow your passion

Have you been wanting to pick up a new hobby, or try something outside of your comfort zone? Now is the time!! Freed up time in your schedule, self-isolation and even lock down locations have people feeling lost for things to do or wound up bored of the things they have been up to during this time of crisis. A hobby helps a person grow. Whether that growth is physically, mentally or emotionally- hobbies influence all sorts of things including the influence to get creative, strengthen skill sets or acquire new ones and even build relationships with others. What are you waiting for?

5. Keep in touch with your loved ones

Social distancing and lock-down situations can make us feel far from the people who matter most. Don’t you worry for a second more- call up your friends and family and talk. The action of listening to someone’s voice can help you translate their messages and can even shrink the worries we may have regarding their well-being while you are unable to visit with them physically during this time. Plus, the comfort of hearing other people’s voices when you are used to the quietness of living alone brings joy and happiness to the hearts of both parties. We are all in this together, so stay close to each other, even if it means through phone calls, text, writing letters, or video calling one another.


During this stay at home time, if you ever need a phone, a plan or both to be delivered to your door, we will a great resource for you. Visit us online at, email at, or call 1.877.553.8476 for any questions at any time.

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Dear Mr. Jethro,

thank you for making thr jethro phone ,it has been a joy in my life,,, and i hope this funny picture with be a joy with you. Thank you..


Thanks Jethro! My grandson only comes over once a week (for groceries and to help with my pills) so this list is a fun way to help me pass the time! Patty from Bridge club says you cant read Moby Dick too many times! Laughing.

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