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[PLAN ONLY] Jethro Mobile Prepaid 10 Days US Travel Plan
  • [PLAN ONLY] Jethro Mobile Prepaid 10 Days US Travel Plan

    This 10-day travel plan has unlimited talk and text, with 10GB of 5G/4G LTE high-speed data. After the high-speed data has run out, the data will be reduced to 2G speed until the travel plan has expired. Perfect for visitors, traveling to the US for an extended period of time for business, vacation, or other travel needs. All plans include personal hot spots so you can connect to the internet on the go. Unlimited calling and texting to Canada and 80 other countries is included at no extra charge.


    Jethro Mobile runs off of T-Mobile's network and offers you affordable, reliable, and simple plans. You can activate your service in as easy as 3 steps! No delays in activation, and with any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-877-553-8476!


    This plan offers nationwide coverage in the United States including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island, excluding Alaska and is compatible with any 4G VOLTE or higher GSM unlocked phone. This includes iPhones and Android phones. We are all about simplicity. Jethro plans require no contracts, and we will provide you a local US number based on the location you are visiting.


    Renewals cannot be made on deactivated SIM cards. If you are not sure if your SIM card is deactivated, please check with our customer service at 1.877.553.8476 or before purchasing your renewal.


      • Unlimited talk, text, and data plan. High-speed data add-ons are available in 500MB, 1GB, and 3GB.
      • Local US phone number.
      • Unlimited calling from the USA to Canada and 80 other countries.
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