Introducing the brand new Jethro Mobile. Jethro Mobile is a cell phone service launched by Jethro that will provide you with the simplest and cheapest of high-speed plans! Jethro Mobile SIM cards are compatible with any unlocked GSM phone and run off of the nation's best networks, so you can get the best reception wherever you are. Plans are designed for people who use our phones and want a simple plan with their simple phones. The plans are straightforward and cost-efficient.

All Jethro Mobile Plans are only valid in the US. SIM Card is included. Applicable tax will be applied upon activation.

Jethro Mobile SIM Card with Prepaid 90-Day Plan

  • - 500 talk and text in the United States. 250MB 4G LTE Data is included.

    - International talk and text to Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.

    - International Calling to 75 destinations for just $5 a month.

    - Mobile Hotspot Capable.

  • We are hoping all customers enjoy Jethro Mobile service. That is why we offer 14 days refund policy for the plan within limited usage*. If consumed more than the amount, the purchase will be considered the buyer’s remorse and no longer qualify for a refund.
    *Limited usage amount: 30 minutes talk, 30 text messages, and 30 MB data within 14 days of plan cycle.


Established in Canada in 2012, Jethro is a US-based company now that specializes in selling wireless technologies that will enhance the lives of seniors and other challenged consumers.  We recognize the increased desire of seniors to enhance their later years using new easy-to-use more


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  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids
  • Jethro Phones seniors and kids