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Jethro SC490

Simple senior cell phone

  • Big screen & large buttons that make seeing, reading, and dialing simple.

  • Hearing aid compatibility that keeps voices clear and a loud speaker that makes all calls easy to hear.

  • An SOS button that keeps you safe in case of emergencies.

  • Speed-dials and a speaking keypad that makes navigation and calling easy.

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Jethro SC490 Case

  • The new Jethro SC490 case is available!

  • Color options available

  • Durable faux leather case keeps your phone protected

  • Key ring attachment and belt loop strap for simple carrying

  • Magnetic safety strap to keep the phone securely in place

Watch these videos to learn more about the newest Jethro phone: the SC490, what comes with the phone.

Jethro SC490 Unboxing

Watch our video to learn all about everything that comes with the purchase of a Jethro SC490 senior cell phone. This bar-style phone is perfect for seniors and kids! With no access to the internet, this cell phone is simple technology at its finest!


If you have your Jethro SC490 and need a little help with inserting the SIM card, we’ve got you covered! We have a tutorial video to help you insert the SIM card with no trouble at all. Watch the video here.

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Convenient Accessories

Easy to use charging cradle to go with your basic cell phone for the elderly

Easy to use charging cradle and long-lasting, safety-certified battery to go with your basic cell phone for the elderly. Explore more practical and stylish accessories to go with your Jethro phone.

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Jethro Mobile Plans

Save on your Jethro senior cell phone when you bundle with Jethro Mobile prepaid cell phone plans.

Starting at just $5/Month and includes a free SIM card. Jethro Mobile runs off of T-Mobile's networks to provide you with affordable and reliable cell phone service.