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Register Jethro Product

All Jethro phones come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your Jethro senior cell phone is protected for a whole year against any manufacturer defects or issues. We want your phone to work as it should! Register for your warranty, and you can receive a replacement phone for any manufacturer error or defect. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Claim my Warranty

Is your Jethro phone not working properly? All Jethro phones have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Please click here to find common troubleshooting steps and determine your warranty eligibility.

Warranty Registration Form

Where to find the IMEI number?

The IMEI number can be found on the phone after the removal of the battery, or dial *#06# from your Jethro phone, if you can't locate it, we can still register the warranty for you with the rest of your information.

Success! We have received your warranty registry.

Why do I need to register for the warranty?


While warranty registration is not required, it does make it much easier to find and honor your replacement request. It also allows us to ship out your replacement much quicker.


What is covered with my warranty?

  • Any manufacturer errors

  • Defective phones

  • Defective batteries

  • Defective chargers


What is not covered with my warranty?

  • Physical damage

  • Water damage

Not sure if the issue you are having is covered under the warranty? Call us at 1.888.509.6199 or email us at We will help with troubleshooting solutions and send you a replacement for any defective item. We are here to help! All Jethro phones also have a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your phone for any reason.  Contact Jethro Senior Technology’s friendly and local customer support to learn more.

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