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Our Story

Welcome to Jethro, where the essence of the simple life is our guiding principle. Our mission is to streamline your experience with service plans, phones, and customer support, so you can embrace life without unnecessary worries. Say goodbye to convoluted contracts and hidden fees – at Jethro, our commitment to transparency is unwavering. Our straightforward and genuine products are designed to carve out precious moments in your life for those who matter most.

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Embracing Local Values 

Jethro's roots trace back to Canada, with our headquarters firmly established in the United States. Our exceptional customer service team comprises North American-based live agents who are always eager to assist you. Operating seven days a week, even on holidays, their dedication ensures that any queries or challenges you encounter are met with prompt and expert support. We hold our customers in high regard and strive to deliver the utmost in seamless experiences.

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Jethro SC490

Introducing Our Phone

Discover the 4G SC490, a phone tailored to simplicity with a focus on safety features. Versatile enough to cater to your young teenager or senior father, this device is an ideal choice for all. Our SC490 seamlessly accommodates a variety of plans, each meticulously designed to enhance your experience. Equipped with a pre-installed SIM card, our streamlined approach guarantees efficiency and speed.

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Jethro Mobile

Our Phone Plans

Opt for our uncomplicated plan featuring unlimited talk and text, available across durations ranging from 30 to 365 days, all at affordable rates. For those seeking a modest data allowance, perfect for sharing photos and group messaging, rest assured – we offer tailored plans with competitive rates to meet your needs.

At Jethro, embracing the simple life isn't just a philosophy; it's a way of enhancing your connections and experiences. Join us in embracing a life free from complexity and full of meaningful connections.

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