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Jethro Mobile VS. T-Mobile, with a Little Side of Sprint: Who Should I call?

Updated: May 11, 2022

By: Jessica Williams, Marketing Specialist, November 8th, 2021

We at Jethro Mobile have noticed some confusion from our customers regarding the difference between our company, Jethro Mobile, and the towers we use, which are T-Mobile. It is important to understand the difference so if you have any questions about your phone, SIM card, cell phone plan, or cell tower you know who to contact!

Jethro Mobile VS T-Mobile

Jethro Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider that runs off of T-Mobile's network. We use T-Mobile towers, but we are not a part of T-Mobile’s company. If you want to use Jethro Mobile’s plans, you will use the SIM card that comes with your phone and contact us.

For anything regarding Jethro Mobile’s service such as activating your Jethro SIM card, customer service, phone replacements, and more visit our website or call us at


Therefore, if you have a T-Mobile SIM card or cell phone plan you will need to contact them. If you want to use T-Mobile’s plans, you will need a T-Mobile SIM card and to contact T-Mobile.

You will not be able to activate your Jethro SIM card on any other website, including T-Mobile.

Your Jethro Cell Phone

Jethro phones can be used with a SIM card from any compatible company, but for any questions about your Jethro phone, you must contact Jethro Mobile, not another company, even if you use their SIM card. Basically, whoever made your phone, contact them with questions regarding your phone!

Jethro Mobile SIM Card vs. T-Mobile SIM Card

Your Jethro SIM Card and Cell Phone Plan

This is the same for our cell phone plans. You can use a Jethro SIM card or cell phone plan with any compatible phone, but for activation or questions regarding your cell phone plan or SIM card, you must contact Jethro Mobile. Basically, whoever your service provider is, that is who you should contact with any issues or questions relating to your service. Service related issues might include dropped calls, bad battery life, and more.

If you are unsure of your service provider, call 611 on the phone you are trying to find the service provider of.

Jethro Mobile Plans

T-Mobile VS Sprint: T-Mobile converting over Sprint’s towers

We have also noticed some confusion on the difference between T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile recently purchased Sprint, and they are working on switching over all of the cell towers to be compatible with T-Mobile. For the areas that have had their towers switched to T-Mobile, Jethro phones will work. However, in areas where they haven’t been switched to T-Mobile, our phones will not work as they are not compatible with Sprint.

Why Sprint’s Towers aren’t Compatible with Jethro Phones (GSM vs CDMA Towers)

Sprint uses a CDMA network to connect their towers to their phones, while T-Mobile uses a GSM network. GSM and CDMA are the different frequency bands that link your phone to a cell tower. GSM phones use a removable SIM card to connect your phone to a network. CDMA phones use embedded serial numbers in the phone itself to connect your phone.

We hope this helps if you have any questions or concerns about who to contact for issues with your phone, SIM card, or cell phone plan! If you have any further questions or comments, contact us.

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