Anxiety during the Covid-19 Pandemic

By: Anonymous - Marketing Specialist, April 16, 2020

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we must take care of ourselves. With everyday seemingly new bad news is pumped through our systems. This can be overwhelming, this can feel like there is no hope and there is nothing we can do. In the midst of all of this, we seem to forget about ourselves. We forget that in order to be strong, we must be mentally strong as well.

Mental health during this pandemic is very important as well. Without a strong mindset, we feel weak and can’t fight as strong. Fear of the disease is stressful and can become too much, this can cause uncontrollable and anxiety in people of all ages. We have to learn to understand, cope, and maintain our stress and anxiety.

We are not alone.

Everyone is affected in some way or another. When we feel alone, we must take reassurance as everyone is effected by this in some way. We must look out for signs that we are stressing. According to the CDC, the most common signs of stress and anxiety are:

· Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones

· Changes in sleep or eating patterns

· Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

· Worsening of chronic health problems

· Worsening of mental health conditions

· Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

If you're experiencing multiple symptoms listed here you might need to take a step back and try and practice some self-coping strategies. Some effective ways to temporarily relieve stress are:

· Get adequate sleep

· Eat healthy

· Exercise regularly

· Don't spend excess time reading negative news

· Create a routine and set personal goals

· Keep busy

· Try out a new activity such as meditation or yoga

Of course, everyone will react to stress and anxiety differently and some need more professional help, but we can still try and maintain a healthy body and mind to help cope with stress. Be sure to reach out to your family and friends and make sure they're feeling good as well, we all matter in this, and not one person should be left behind.

Together, we can overcome. Take care of yourself!

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