Jethro Power Banks

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Do you need to charge your devices on the go?

Jethro power banks can charge all different devices including Jethro phones, smartphones, laptops, and iPads.


This portable charger can charge any device for up to 24 hours. Jethro power banks can also be recharged. When you have a power bank, you can go on long road trips, camping trips, and make sure your devices stay charged up during a power outage.


A power bank can be a helpful tool if you need to work away from an outlet or keep your kids entertained on a long drive. Never run out of battery when you have a Jethro power bank. Another great feature of our power banks is that they are stylish and glow in the dark. During a power outage, you will still be able to locate your power bank because it will glow. Jethro power banks come in 4 different colors and include a ring stand as well as an equally stylish carrying pouch.


Stay connected and powered up with a portable and stylish power bank.