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Stay Connected Even When You Travel

Jethro Mobile provides travel plans with coast-to-coast nationwide coverage in the United States. Affordable and reliable cell phone service is guaranteed with your new SIM card for your travels!

Where can you buy Jethro Mobile’s travel plans in Canada?


How to Activate or Renew:

Step 1:
Create new account or log in.

Step 2:
Enter SIM card, click Activate.

Step 3:
Select if travel starts now or in the future.


Step 1:
Select Renew or Change Plan.


Step 2:
Find the plan you want.

Step 3:
Select new travel date, then activate.




*Jethro Mobile SIM works with any unlocked 4G GSM phone with LTE bands, 2, 4, 5, and 66 (66 is optional)

  • In other words, most of the smartphones are compatible, but check with your current carrier to make sure the phone is unlocked first, with LTE bands.)

*Device must be VOLTE (Voice over LTE) compatible to make or receive phone calls.

*APN setup may be needed for internet access or sending and receiving MMS (Multimedia Text, such as picture, audio files email to text, or group messages, etc.)

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