Activate SIM Card

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Do you already have a Jethro Mobile SIM card?

Great! You are ready to activate. Every Jethro phone comes with a Jethro Mobile SIM card, even if you have not purchased a plan yet. You’re in luck, you can choose any plan you would like during activation.

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What is Jethro Mobile?

Jethro Mobile is an affordable and reliable prepaid cell phone service that runs off of T-Mobile’s network. Not only do Jethro Mobile plans start at only $5 per month, but they can also be customized with add-ons to give you everything you need. Pay only for what you want with Jethro Mobile's affordable prepaid cell phone plans. You can bring your Jethro phone or your own phone to Jethro Mobile. Just make sure if you are bringing your own device that your phone is compatible and unlocked.

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How did Jethro Mobile start?

Jethro Mobile was created after we noticed our Jethro phone customers wanted a simple and affordable cell phone service to go with their simple senior cell phone. We created Jethro Mobile to be a reliable a flexible cell phone service for all of our customers. Our goal is to provide plans that don’t make you pay for more than you need in a cell phone plan.